providers Can Play a Key Role in Fighting Tobacco Use.

The number one cause of preventable death and disease in the United States is tobacco use. No matter what your specialty is, you know the drastic effects that tobacco use can have on patients.


Many tobacco users want to quit. Getting started often takes support and motivation from a trusted source. If a physician advises a patient to quit just one time, it helps to double their chance for success. Patients trust their health provider and they need guidance.


It is vital to help the patients who are ready to quit tobacco. Primary care providers can make a difference in influencing tobacco use behavior. A short intervention (three minutes or less) can increase a person's motivation to quit.

Talk and listen to the patient about tobacco use. Asking about 1.800.Quit.Now can be a conversation starter. The Indiana Quitline is a free phone-based counseling service that helps Indiana tobacco users quit.

The Indiana Quitline has highly trained quit coaches in cognitive behavioral therapy and experience at helping patients live tobacco-free. Professional quit coaches have 240 hours of training, prior experience in counseling and many are former smokers.


3 Minutes or Less Can Save Lives


every patient / every visit / Non-judgmental

  • Ask if your patient uses tobacco.

  • Ask what kind of tobacco is used and how often.

  • Ask when was the last time the patient smoked or
    used any type of tobacco.


Be clear / Be strong / Be personal

  • Advise every tobacco user to quit. Quitting is the best decision.

  • Advise those who weren’t successful with their previous quit attempts to try again.

  • Employ a teachable moment: link health findings with advice. Quitting will help the patient and the health of their family.


Fax Referral / Online Referral / E- Referral


Complete all sections of the referrals, including patient information, and sign for
consent as required by HIPAA. Fax forms to: 1-800-483-3114. The Indiana Tobacco Quitline will fax a follow-up report back to your office.


Quitline Services Include

  • One-on-one coaching for people who have decided to quit

  • Resources for Healthcare Providers who want to improve patient outcomes

  • Best Practices for Employers who want to implement smoke-free policies

  • Support for Family and Friends who want to help loved ones stop smoking

  • Tools for Tobacco Control partners to complement their current programs

The Program Works

  • The participant sets their own quit date
    - Tobacco user quits at a personal pace; the Quit Coach helps prepare quitters to be successful

  • Tools for coping with triggers & stress
    - helps quitter conquer urges to smoke; they learn when, where the urges strike and how to cope

  • Meta-analysis of 13 studies shows 56% increase in quit rates when compared with self-help (Stead et al. 2004).

  • Surveys have indicated that smokers are several times more likely to use Quitline than they are to use  a face-to-face program (McAfee et al. 1998, Zhu & Anderson 2000).




Refer patients to 1.800.Quit.Now. Professional Quit Coaches®
will help them quit at their own pace. No lectures. No pressure.