Now is the Perfect Time to Break Your Tobacco Addiction

Quit Now Indiana encourages you to make a quit attempt. Thousands of Hoosiers, who are ready are quitting their tobacco addiction. The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is helping people live tobacco free.

Quitting Tips

To quit successfully, it is important to do it properly. You've taken a big step toward a healthier lifestyle. Now, prepare to quit for life. Consider these tips to help you in the quitting process:


Call 1.800.QUIT.NOW (1.800.784.8669)

Talk with a trained Quit Coach.® The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is free and available to help you create a plan. If you are not sure you’re ready Click here.


Talk to Your Doctor or Pharmacist About Quit Options

It is difficult to quit smoking on your own. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about support options.

Set a Quit Date

Pick a date within the next two weeks; give you enough time to properly prepare to quit smoking.

Drink More water

Water will help you stay hydrated and cleanse inside the body, while maximizing your calorie burn.


Eat Right

Eating right replaces essential nutrients that are often deficient in a smoker.


Stay Fit

Physical exercise will help you detox from the harmful chemicals in cigarettes, and help reduce the urge to light up.

Tell Family, Friends and Employer You Plan to Quit

Quitting smoking is easier when the people in your life support you. Let them know you are planning to quit and explain how they can help you quit.

Anticipate and Plan for Challenges While Quitting

Quitting smoking is hardest during the first few weeks. You will deal with uncomfortable feelings, temptations to smoke, withdrawal symptoms, and cigarette cravings. Anticipate these challenges and have a plan to overcome.

Remove Cigarettes and Other Tobacco From Your Home, Car, and Work

You will be tempted to smoke during your quit attempt. Stay strong; you can do it. Removing things that remind you of smoking will get you ready to quit.

Make the Commitment

You must be committed to live tobacco-free. Start now. Congratulations on making the decision to quit.

Your professional Quit Coach® will help you quit at your own pace.
No lectures. No pressure. Call 1.800.Quit.Now.