Everything you need to know about Quit Now Indiana and the Indiana Tobacco Quitline

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation (TPC) works to prevent and reduce the use of all tobacco products in Indiana and to protect citizens from exposure to tobacco smoke. TPC's vision is to significantly improve the health of Hoosiers and to reduce the disease and economic burden that tobacco use places on Hoosiers of all ages.

In 2008, Quit Now Indiana (QNI) became the marketing brand for the Indiana Tobacco Quitline education and service programs. The QNI brand includes 1.800.Quit.Now and QuitNowIndiana.com. All of the State’s cessation efforts are marketed under the QNI umbrella, including the Indiana Tobacco Quitline.

Indiana’s Cessation Program 

The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is a free telephone cessation counseling service that helps Indiana smokers quit tobacco. This phone-based one-on-one coaching offers tobacco users, who have decided to quit, help through the process to quit for life. The Indiana Tobacco Quitline is staffed with trained dedicated Quit Coaches®. Quit Coach®: A professional coach, teacher, or trainer who will offer support while you are learning to achieve a specific personal or professional result or goal. A trained Quit Coach® is assigned to work with you to provide solutions tailored for your needs. A Quit Coach® will guide you through the process of breaking your tobacco addiction. who have helped hundreds of people quit using tobacco. A trained Quit Coach® is assigned to work with individuals to provide solutions tailored for each quitter’s needs. A Quit Coach® will guide quitters through the process of breaking their tobacco addiction.

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The Quitline Can Help

When you are ready to quit, a Quit Coach® will assist in making a quit plan just for you. Each plan is different, but all quit plans will include counseling sessions and a quit kit. You may be encouraged by your Quit Coach® to contact your physician for cessation medications and you will be given information about community quit programs as well. Even if you are not ready to quit, the quitline staff will help you figure out what is needed to prepare you to successfully quit. Learn more about preparing to quit at BecomeAnEx.org

Indiana Tobacco Quitline services for youth

Quitline Services for Youth

Program Description

The Indiana Tobacco Quitline now serves young tobacco users with a phone counseling program specifically designed for youth, ages 13 to 17, who are ready to quit. Indiana teens will receive up to 5 calls from an experienced Quit Coach® trained to counsel and help youth quit tobacco. These proactive calls provide personalized counseling utilizing cognitive‐behavioral strategies Cognitive‐behavioral strategies: Psychologists believe people will change behaviors if they receive desired rewards. The strategy is to teach people, via motivational and cognitive steps, a new behavior model by helping them see and obtain the rewards of the new behavior.and motivational support specifically tailored to youths.


Ready to Quit? 

If you are an Indiana teen and you are ready to quit tobacco, the Indiana Tobacco Quitline will help. You will work with a specialized youth Quit Coach® who will schedule calls semi‐weekly to weekly. The program is designed to help you stop using tobacco as quickly as possible and permanently. Quitting may be hard, but you are not alone. The personalized counseling will help motivate you and you will be supported by a team of experts all working specifically to help you succeed. Your resources include age‐appropriate educational materials and additional phone help, with unlimited access, to a toll‐free support line which is available 24/7 to provide support and to prevent a relapse.


Summary of Program Features:

  • Personalized counseling from highly skilled Youth Quit Coaches®

  • Comprehensive self‐paced educational materials 

  • Quit plan development 

  • Anonymous, non‐judgmental support 

  • Support between scheduled calls via a toll‐free support line 

  • Health education and information 

  • Refusal and problem‐solving skills development 

  • Discussion of triggers, peer influences, environmental/household exposure to tobacco use, stressors 

  • Relapse prevention through planning and preparation


Web Coach®

Program Description

Web Coach® is a private and confidential web site design to help Hoosiers quit tobacco with the convenience of a personal computer. Web Coach® is an interactive program that incorporates Quit Coach® sessions, e-tools, social support, and educational information about the quitting process. The Web Coach® program is grounded in Social Cognitive TheorySocial Cognitive Theory: People learn behaviors through observation, modeling, and motivation such as positive reinforcement. Psychologists believe people will repeat behaviors they have seen others do, Learning a new behavior model is strengthened by he or she seeing the rewards of a new behavior. People will be motivated by the new desired rewards. and uses evidence-based research and more than 25 years of experience in tobacco cessation services in one simple online application. 


Try Web Coach® to Quit

The Web Coach® program is designed to support and assist you throughout your entire quitting process. You will learn to quit like a pro; first, you will create a Quit Plan—it’s your strategy to quit for life. Web Coach® will provide you with a personalized quit experience tailored just for you.

The Web Coach® home page is inviting, you will find the Program Overview and What’s New sections very clear and will encourage you to enroll and quit today. If you choose to enroll, click on the registration and assessment pages and fill out the basic information. The Web Coach® site is straightforward, easy to follow and navigate; the content arrangement will keep information consistent and simple.


How does Web Coach® Work

Your Quit Plan is the first step; this is the central part of the Web Coach® program. The quit experience will be built around five identified behaviors that are key to a successful quit attempt: 

1) Select a quit date

2) Choose a medication

3) Manage your urges to use tobacco

4) Control your environment

5) Get support 

You will build your own Quit Plan by identifying the steps you will need to take to successfully complete each of these key behavior points. Web Coach® will help you overcome each barrier by recommending appropriate learning resources and action items for you to complete.

If you are ready to quit, click here to access Web Coach.®


Program Description

Text2Quit® is a service that sends personalized text messages, at the right time, to help quitters manage their quitting process. Text2Quit® helps participants stay connected with their Quit Coach® and/or Web Coach®, manage their cravings to smoke, and get the right medication at the right times to prevent relapses; this is all available by using their cell phone.

Text2Quit® is a clinically proven as a successful way to manage the quit process.  The interactive text messages have been tested and demonstrated to be an effective tool for helping smokers quit. There are over 270 million mobile phones in the US, 85% of adults own a cell phone and 72% use their phone to send or receive text messages, making cell phones a highly engaging tool for smokers to use when trying to quit.


How Does Text2Quit® Work

The Text2Quit® program may double your chance for success over a six weeks period. This tool has demonstrated that it can increase your quit rate by providing you strong psychological support during the quitting period.  Text2Quit® works in conjunction with Quit Coach® phone counseling or Web Coach® learning session; the interactive texting will keep you actively engaged.

Text2Quit® uses standard text messaging to help you get through the tough stages of your quitting process. You will work closely with a Quit Coach® and/or Web Coach®, to develop your specific quit profile and action plan. Once you start the quitting procedures, Text2Quit® will begin sending a series of personalized interactive text messages. Over the course of your quit attempt, you will receive the right messages, at the right time, to keep you on track.  You will be able to review your quit status, track progress and talk with your Quit Coach® from your cell phone.

 Text2Quit® sends up to 300 messages tailored to your quit plan:

  • Quit call reminders and prompts sent so you can instantly connect with a Quit Coach®

  • Medication reminders and other helpful suggestions

  • Tips and games to help manage urges and craving

  • Mobile tracking of tobacco usage, urges, cost savings, and other measures

Quit for Life

Are you thinking about quitting? Ask yourself a few questions, to determine if you are ready to quit.

1) Do you intend to quit smoking in the near future?

2) Have you tried to quit in the past?

3) Is smoking harming your health?

4) Will family and friends support you?

*If you answered yes to 3 of these questions, you are ready to quit.

If and when you are ready to quit, you can get help. Quit Now Indiana provides the best resources available at no cost—Free!  Simply call 1-800-Quit-Now to talk with a professional Quit Coach®, who is trained to help you successfully quit.

If you are not ready to quit, visit QuitNowIndiana.com to get the information necessary to help you prepare to quit before you actually “take the plunge” to stop smoking. This way you'll be more prepared to quit and stay quit.

QNI Will Show You How to Quit

Quit Now Indiana understands quitting is more than just not smoking. When you join the Quit for Life program, a Quit Coach® will help you become an expert in living without tobacco. You will learn the 4 Essential Practices to Quit For Life, these principles are based on 25 years of research and experience helping people quit tobacco.

When you enroll you will team up with a professional Quit Coach® who will guide you over the phone and/or web to understand the 4 Essential Practices to Quit For Life: 

1) Quit At Your Own Pace

2) Overcome Your Cravings to Smoke

3) Use the Right Medications for You, So it Really Works

4) Don't Just Quit, Become a Non-Smoker 



You must be committed to live tobacco-free. Start now. Congratulations on making the decision to quit.

Your professional Quit Coach® will help you quit at your own pace.
No lectures. No pressure. Call 1.800.Quit.Now (1.800.784.8669).