Over 700,000 Hoosiers want to quit tobacco. Quit Now Indiana can help you quit. Challenge yourself to go tobacco-free for 30 days. Call 1.800.Quit.Now to get started.

Quit Now Indiana provides free services and a built-in community of people like you who want to quit tobacco for life. What's great about the Indiana Tobacco Quitline is you can quit at your own pace. With professional help and support you can quit for good!

The Indiana Tobacco Quitline offers you:

  • Quit Coach®: You get a personal expert who specializes in helping people quit tobacco. (many are former tobacco users)

  • Text2Quit®: Text messages allow you to connect with your Quit Coach® and Web Coach® all from your smart phone.

  • Web Coach®: Get access to online tools, videos, track your progress and interact with others quitting.

  • Quitting Aids: Free nicotine replacement therapy products (patches or gum) if you qualify.

  • Quit Guide: You receive a quit book that helps you stick with your personalized Quitting Plan.

Quit tips

Tips to help you start quitting.

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If you would like more information to help with a Quit plan click here to fill out the form.

If you are not ready to quit, the EX Plan is a free service that helps smokers prepare to quit before they are actually ready to stop smoking. Click here for more details.

quit coach® Videos

Are you thinking about quitting? Find out how trained Quit Coaches® can help you quit successfully. Watch these videos to Take the Mystery Out of Calling 1.800.Quit.Now.


These user-friendly features are designed to give you the support needed throughout the quitting process. Web Coach® and Text2Quit® will empower you to take control of your tobacco addiction and successfully quit for life.

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dan dakich and smokeless tobacco

Dan Dakich, a native Hoosier and Indiana sports icon, joins Quit Now Indiana to help kick-off a statewide anti-tobacco campaign.

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pregnancy and smoking

Women who smoke before and/or during pregnancy run a major risk of reduced fertility, as well as maternal, fetal and infant death and disease. Each year, more than 400,000 infants in the U.S. are exposed to the bad chemicals in cigarette smoke because their mothers or family members smoke.

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The Indiana Tobacco Quitline now serves youth tobacco users. This new evidence-based phone counseling program is for teens, ages 13 to 17, who are ready to quit.

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Everything about Quit Now Indiana and the Indiana Tobacco Quitline.

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