The free Quit Now Indiana Preferred Employer Program gives companies proven, professional resources to help employees kick their addiction to tobacco.

Most Hoosiers who smoke want to quit. By becoming a Quit Now Preferred Employer, you can help your employees break their tobacco addiction.

Benefits of being a Quit Now Preferred Employer:

As a Quit Now Preferred Employer, you will have access to free resources and services to help employees quit tobacco.

Employee cessation can have numerous benefits to employers, including:

  • Reduced workers' compensation

  • Reduced employee healthcare costs

  • Reduced employee absenteeism and increased productivity

  • Improved employee health and morale.

As a Quit Now Preferred Employer, you receive:

  • Ability to refer employees to the Indiana Tobacco Quitline

  • Materials to educate employees about tobacco use and the Quitline

  • Updates on new resources, research and Quitline promotional materials

  • Monthly summary of the number of employees who were referred to the program.
    (Due to HIPAA regulation, specific employee data cannot be provided.)

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