Each year the costs of tobacco use are staggering. Health care costs are $2.9 billion, with an additional $3.1 billion in lost productivity. That is over $6 billion each year. Hoosiers can no longer carry that burden.


Tobacco is a Problem Indiana can no longer afford.

This is both a health and an economic crisis. Indiana employers spend more per worker on health care compared to other states. Indiana can do better. We must do better. Our future depends on it.

Collaboration is the right answer. The benefits of a collaborative partnership amongst health care, insurers, employers and government organizations are vital to success. Hospitals and workplaces are the perfect places to promote health, wellness and a tobacco-free lifestyle.

Working together to improve upon Indiana's public health challenges will benefit everyone. A healthier state will increase the productivity of employees and Indiana's economic competitiveness. Reducing tobacco use will dramatically lower health care costs and save lives.

Quit Now Indiana provides the leadership and resources to help employers and health care providers improve cessation programs. Together, we can pave the path for Hoosier health.

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