Research shows 70% of Hoosier smokers want to quit someday.

If you have diabetes and use tobacco, you can’t wait for someday. It’s a race against time before you develop serious or even life-threatening health complications. The sooner you quit the better. Call 1.800.Quit.Now.


Research shows that smokers are at an increased risk of type-2 diabetes. People with diabetes who smoke will have trouble controlling their diabetes.

Smokers with diabetes have higher risks for serious complications, including:

  • Heart and kidney disease

  • Poor blood flow (which can lead to infections, ulcers,

  • and amputation of toes, feet or legs)

  • Retinopathy (an eye disease that can cause blindness)

Tobacco use and diabetes make a deadly combination. Quitting tobacco will help lower your risk of serious diabetes health complications.

1.800.Quit.Now provides free services like:

  • Quit Coach®: You get a personal expert who specializes in helping people quit tobacco. (many are former tobacco users)

  • Text2Quit®: Text messages allow you to connect with your Quit Coach® and Web Coach® all from your smart phone.

  • Web Coach®: Get access to online tools, videos, track your progress and interact with others quitting.

  • Quitting Aids: Free nicotine replacement therapy products (patches or gum) if you qualify.

  • Quit Guide: You receive a quit book that helps you stick with your personalized Quitting Plan.

Your professional Quit Coach® will help you quit at your own pace.
No lectures. No pressure. Call 1.800.Quit.Now.