Quitters are Heroes.

August is Hoosier Heroes Month.

Quit Now Indiana is saluting our Tobacco-free Heroes. Tobacco use is a costly problem that Indiana can no longer afford. Quit Now Indiana is dedicating the month of August to celebrate Hoosier Heroes. These are tobacco users whom have made the commitment to live tobacco-free.


Quitting successfully requires a strong support network. This is includes quitters, families, providers and employers. Helping Hoosiers quit tobacco use will save money and save lives. This is why QNI is celebrating the heroism of Hoosiers who make the exceptional commitment to change their lives! 

Inspirational testimonials are helpful for individuals when it comes to quitting tobacco. Successful quitters have valuable insights to share. Their stories are full of practical tips about what works when starting the quit journey.

Tell us your story about quitting and living tobacco-free.

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